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WAQFY Cash Pan Number of pans disbursed: 3173
Number of pans returned: 1650
Amount Received: $200,000
As at: June 13th, 2017
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News Clippings


Reviving a dwindling friendly society movement Wednesday 14th February 2018 Express
PoS team wins curry duck cookout Thursday 26th October 2017 Express
Call to Muslims, back up fasting with good behaviour Wednesday 7th June 2017 Express
Call to Muslims, back up fasting with good behaviour Tuesday 6th June 2017 Newsday
Takaaful T&T Friendly Society celebrates Tuesday 7th February 2017 Express
Takaaful T&T's membership grows Wednesday 11th January 2017 Express
Muslims advised to strengthen institutions and improve services Wednesday 30th November 2016 Express
Friendly society hosts Muslim community Tuesday 29th November 2016 Express
Takaaful welcomes new Members - 1800th Member Thursday 24th November 2016 Express
Friendly Societies gear up for Consultation Monday 21st November 2016 Express
Muslim Group to Host Forum in November Thursday 20th October 2016 Express
Friendly Society publishes book online Thursday 23rd June 2016 Express
Group plans for Eid-ul-Fitr Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Express
Ramadaan message: Keep the fast and give generously Wednesday 8th June 2016 Express
Societies offers free membership and insurance for junior members Wednesday 2nd March 2016 Express
Tea Party kicks off Founders' Week Activities Saturday 13th February 2016 Guardian
Minister commits to strengthening the Friendly Societies Movement Wednesday 3rd February 2016 Express
Takaaful Friendly Society welcomes 1,700th member Wednesday 27th January 2016 Express
Friendly Society Family Day Wednesday 16th December 2015 Express
Friendly Society distributes hampers for Ramadan Tuesday 30th June 2015 Express
Takaaful welcomes 1,600th Member Sunday 21st June 2015 Newsday
Friendly society poised for growth Tuesday 10th March 2015 Express
Friendly society gives money to Mosques Wednesday 4th February 2015 Express
Friendly society gives money to Mosques Sunday 1st February 2015 Newsday
Takaaful welcomes 1,500th Member Wednesday 24th November 2014 Express
Takaaful to hold Eid Services Wednesday 9th July 2014 Express
Civil Engineer joins Friendly Society Board Sunday 18th May 2014 Newsday
Friendly Society very Confident about Future Thursday 8th May 2014 Express
Friendly Charity Growing Sunday 27th April 2014 Newsday
Free Insurance for IMAMS Wednesday 26th March 2014 Guardian
Notice to Members Tuesday 25th March 2014 Newsday
Friendly Society gives money to Mosques Sunday 16th March 2014 Newsday
Specific Purpose Waqfs Monday 11th March 2013 Newsday
Islamic Scholar visits TT Saturday 2nd March 2013 Newsday
Muslims reminded to be just, charitable Tuesday 26th February 2013 Newsday
Islamic Banking Scholar to visit TT Monday 18th February 2013 Newsday
Manwar Ali heads Friendly Society Wednesday 25th April 2012 Express
Friendly Society holds 14th AGM Wednesday 18th April 2012 Express
Minister Baksh: Gov't can't do it alone Friday 2nd March 2012 Express
Religion Saturday 3rd September 2011 Newsday
Giving thanks for Allah's blessings Saturday 3rd September 2011 Newsday
Give with your hearts Thursday 1st September 2011 Express
The significance of the Eid fast Thursday 1st September 2011 Express
Don't forget those facing hunger, war Thursday 1st September 2011 Newsday
Morning Celebration Thursday 1st September 2011 Newsday
Rowley praises Muslim community Thursday 1st September 2011 Newsday
Muslims gather for Eidgah today Wednesday 31st August 2011 Express
Muslims to hold Eidgah 2011 at Centre of Excellence Tuesday 30th August 2011 Newsday
Happi Hampers in Ramadan Tuesday 16th August 2011 Newsday
Control negativity through fasting Monday 1st August 2011 Express
Future of youth most important, says Labour Minister Sunday 12th June 2011 Express
Takaaful T&T marks Friendly Societies Week Sunday 5th June 2011 Express
Manwar Ali leads Takaaful T&T Friendly Society Sunday 17th April 2011 Express
Elect people who can do a good job Sunday 10th April 2011 Express
Society aims to raise $100,000 with 'Waqfy Pans' Thursday 24th March 2011 Newsday
Baksh to open seminar on Islamic empowerment Sunday 20th February 2011 Express
Islamic banker and author to visit T&T Sunday 23rd January 2011 Express
Takaaful TT celebrates Eid Thursday 16th September 2010 Newsday
Families celebrate Eid with Takaaful Committee Thursday 16th September 2010 Guardian
Religious leaders discuss combating challenges Wednesday 15th September 2010 Guardian
Jamaican Muslims to set up Co-op Monday 30th August 2010 Newsday
Helping hampers for Ramadan Saturday 28th August 2010 Express
The glorious month of Ramadan Monday 16th August 2010 Express
Friendly societies facing common challenges Monday 16th August 2010 Express
Takaaful Society launches 'Introductory Brochure' Tuesday 13th July 2010 Express
Friendly Society: We are all winners Sunday 27th June 2010 Express
Ali elected to Friendly Society Board Wednesday 5th May 2010 Express
Fareed Ali leads Takaaful Friendly Society Monday 3rd May 2010 Newsday
New approach for Friendly Societies Sunday 21st March 2010 Express
Children in Focus for Eid-ul-Fitr Tuesday 29th September 2009 Guardian
TT's poor benefit from Zakah Wednesday 26th August 2009 Newsday
The Third Pillar of Islam Tuesday 25th August 2009 Express
Real Estate in Focus Sunday 16th August 2009 Express
Call to make Friendly Societies more viable Saturday 8th August 2009 Guardian
Takaaful T&T now 1000 strong Monday 20th July 2009 Express
Friendly Society welcomes 1000th member Saturday 18th July 2009 Newsday
Friendly Movement Friday 17th July 2009 Guardian
Imams' network launched Tuesday 26th May 2009 Express
WAQF booklet launched Monday 18th May 2009 Newsday
Islam explored in new book Sunday 17th May 2009 Express
Islamic endowments booklet launched Tuesday 12th May 2009 Newsday
Aziz Mohammed leads Takaaful TT Monday 27th April 2009 Newsday
Takaaful promoting co-operation and mutual aid Monday 20th April 2009 Newsday
Islamic fund passes $1M mark Thursday 13th November 2008 Newsday
Muslim leaders welcome Dr. Zakir Naik Sunday 27th July 2008 Express
Takaaful meeting brings new beginnings for its members Sunday 20th July 2008 Express
Friendly Society holds AGM today Sunday 13th April 2008 Express
Friendly Societies hold survival seminar Sunday 6th July 2008 Express
Imtiaz Ali appointed to Friendly Society Sunday 29th April 2007 Guardian
Singapore hosts Waqf conference Sunday 25th March 2007 Guardian
More members for Takaaful Group Sunday 4th March 2007 Guardian
Muslim NGO's benefit from Waqf Sunday 19th November 2006 Guardian
Four homes benefit from Waqf Fund Sunday 12th November 2006 Guardian
Takaaful Friendly Society meets today Sunday 19th March 2006 Guardian
Friendly Society on Growth Path Sunday 27th February 2005 Guardian
Takaaful AGM Today Sunday 20th February 2005 Guardian
Muslim Vision for Burden Sharing Sunday 19th December 2004 Guardian
Boy among men - -
Friendly Society launches new product - -
Friendly Society discusses $$ crisis - -
Friendly Societies urged to modernise - -
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