WAQFY Cash Pan

WAQFY Cash Pan Number of pans disbursed: 3173
Number of pans returned: 1650
Amount Received: $200,000
As at: June 13th, 2017
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Minister praises Friendly Society on Agribusiness project

“Despite the current economic challenges, I have observed from your Reports that there was an increase in your membership by 197 persons in 2016, the largest increase in an annual membership of the Society in history. This my brothers and sisters not only represents growth and success for your Society, but attests to the outward approach that Takaaful Friendly Society has adopted to achieve it objectives to stay ahead of other financial institutions.” These were the words of encouragement by Senator the Honourable Jennifer Baptiste-Primus speaking at the Takaaful’ s 19th AGM held at the Amphitheatre of the Bureau of Standards, Macoya Industrial Estate on Sunday, April 23rd  last.


Takaaful T&T at 1900 and counting

"Takaaful T&T Friendly Society has had a humble beginning, and it is a pleasure to see continuous growth throughout the years." This was the recount made by President Manwar Ali at the welcoming dinner of the 1900th member Sister Salima Mohammed, at Takaaful's office in Valsayn on the 5th January.


Friendly Society nurturing responsible co-operation

“Membership in Takaaful T&T is about nurturing responsible co-operation,” said Aman Hosein, Vice President of Takaaful T&T Friendly Society at a dinner function in honour of the 1800th member of the Society.



Eid Message 2016

Take responsibility for your family

“Take responsibility for your family,” admonished Shaykh Abdus Salam Noor at the Eid prayer at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya on Wednesday 6th July organized by Takaaful T&T Friendly Society. A youthful and vibrant preacher, Shaykh Noor was born in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, grew up in Pakistan and Guyana, attended university in Madinah and married and settled in Trinidad. Currently employed with Arawak & Company Ltd., “a virtual one-stop shop for all things chicken” which produces approximately 18 million chicken annually, Shaykh Abdus Salam warned parents that if they were not raising their children others would be doing it with results that may not be pleasing to them.


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